Conflict Free Confidence

The story behind your diamond begins long before you see it sparkle. Because it’s as important to us as it is to you, we’re committed to ensuring that our certified diamonds are conflict-free. We purchase them only from sources we know and trust - which means your diamond will make you feel as good as it looks.

Our Conflict-Free Diamond Sourcing Policy

Michael Hill purchases our diamonds and diamond jewelry from legitimate sources. All diamonds are purchased under the Kimberly Process which was instigated in 2003 to help combat the trade in conflict diamonds.

The Kimberly Process ensures that rough diamonds are:

  • Exported and imported with a government-validated Kimberly Process certificate stating the diamonds are conflict-free.
  • Transported between signatory countries in a sealed and tamper-proof container.
  • Sold with a statement (warranty) from the seller on all invoices guaranteeing that the diamonds being sold are conflict-free.

This same warranty or guarantee also appear on the invoices from all suppliers of polished diamonds and finished diamond jewelry.