The Enamel Collection

Cloisonné (pronounced ‘Cloy-zon-nay’) means raised edge in French.

Cloisonné first became popular in the jewelry of ancient Egypt, typically in very small pieces such as rings, with thin wire forming the cloisons. These little pockets or raised edges were added to jewelry by soldering silver wires to the surface. These little pockets were then filled with colored enamel and fired.

The technique reached China in the 13th century and only the very rich could afford artwork and jewelry that used the technique. The most elaborate and highly-valued Chinese pieces are from the early Ming Dynasty.

Today, our artisans recreate this technique by casting our charms with raised edges in precious metals. The cloisons, or raised edges, are then filled with colored enamel and fired to create the vivid colors and high gloss enamel look – each charm is a tiny work of art!

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