Colorful Pieces To Inspire And Delight

Colored gemstones are as bright and shining as you are! With colors, cuts and settings that range from timelessly traditional to contemporary and cool, our Colored jewelry collection is designed to inspire your style and reflect your mood.

Taking care of colored gemstones is important as they are often more brittle than diamonds. You can always bring your gemstones into our store to have them cleaned free of charge. Additionally, here are some simple care tips to make your special piece sparkle for years to come.

  • For most colored gemstones, great care should be taken to avoid striking or knocking them against hard surfaces.
  • Most should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic machine because the solution may penetrate the stone and cause it to shatter. Instead, wash colored gemstones with warm suds and ammonia using a soft brush (coarse brushes, including some tooth brushes, can scratch gold mounts), then rinse with water and dip in alcohol.
  • Keep in mind that certain gemstones may fade from extended exposure to heat or strong sunlight, so protect and store them when you aren't wearing them.
Visit your local Michael Hill store to learn more about caring for your jewelry.

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